For the love of god, someone please tell me she has porns out there.

Bianca WSHH, literally one of my favorite videos of all time Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

I would suck a fart out of that fat chimichanga. Phone Post 3.0

When I'm on my deathbed I will cry as it dawns on me that I never banged a chick even half that hot. 

Interdasting Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

Thread is lacking info.

HNNNNNGGGG Phone Post 3.0


Thread is lacking info.

Read my post above...it's dead on balls accurate Phone Post 3.0

Her name is Bianca King.  This is a better video:



I feel like you need ADHD to watch that video. Hot as she was the camera change every second makes my brain hurt Phone Post 3.0

Does she even porn bro?! Phone Post 3.0

Can't believe there is 1 video of her on the net??? dafuq???


She sure is fine. Anyone find her Snapchat?


HEre is her IG


Watch on mute Phone Post 3.0

lol @ those clown-world ass implants. still wood eat teh ass though.

Her elbows are too pointy.