Who is taking out the Russian oligarchs? 8th dies this year

Lukoil chairman Ravil Maganov is the 8th Russian energy executive to die suddenly this year

WASHINGTON — The death of Ravil Maganov, chairman of the Russian oil giant Lukoil, at a hospital in Moscow on Thursday appears to mark the eighth time this year that a Russian energy executive has died suddenly and under unusual circumstances.

Maganov died after falling out of the window of the capital’s Central Clinical Hospital, according to the Russian state-sponsored news outlet Interfax. The circumstances of Maganov’s death were confirmed by Reuters, citing two anonymous sources.

Below is a list of these cases, in chronological order.

  • In late January, Leonid Shulman, a top executive at the Russian natural gas giant Gazprom, was found dead in the bathroom of a cottage in the village of Leninsky. The Russian media group RBC reported his death, but did not cite a cause.
  • On Feb. 25, another Gazprom executive, Alexander Tyulakov, was found dead in the same village as Shulman, this time in a garage. According to the Russian media outlet Novaya Gazeta, investigators found a note near Tyulakov’s body.
  • On Feb. 28, three days after Tyulakov died, a Russian oil and gas billionaire living in England, Mikhail Watford, was found hanged in the garage of his country estate. At the time, investigators reportedly said Watford’s death was “unexplained,” but did not appear suspicious.
  • On April 18, a former vice president of Gazprombank, Vladislav Avayev, was found dead in his Moscow apartment, alongside his wife and daughter, who also died. Authorities treated the case as a murder-suicide, Radio Free Europe reported at the time. Gazprombank is Russia’s third largest bank and has close ties to the energy sector.
  • On April 19, a former deputy chairman of Novatek, Russia’s largest liquefied natural gas producer, was found dead in a vacation home in Spain. Like Avayev in Moscow, Sergei Protosenya was found with his wife and daughter, who were also deceased. And like Avayev, police investigating the scene said they believed it was a murder-suicide, a theory that Avayev’s surviving son has publicly rejected.
  • In May, the body of billionaire and former Lukoil executive Alexander Subbotin was discovered in the basement of a country house in the Moscow region. The room where Subbotin died was allegedly used for “Jamaican voodoo rituals,” the Russian state media outlet TASS reported,quoting local authorities.
  • In July, Yury Voronov, the CEO and founder of a shipping contractor that services Gazprom’s Arctic projects was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound in a swimming pool at his home in Leninsky, the same elite St. Petersburg gated community where Shulman and Tyulakov died earlier in the year.

Putin giveth and taketh away. Some of those dudes were drivers and shoe shine boys before Putin gave them industries. Russia is a wild and retarded place. Corruption and retardation is just built in.


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Probably Moderna…

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Yeah ok wtf lololol


I wonder who… The world may never know


Fauci strikes again.

has to be the Ukrainians

It’s obviously Putin keeping his oligarchs in line. They don’t like being cut off from the European market and being pariahs in their former western European playgrounds. They liked living the high life in swanky western European hot spots.

The ones who get too loud about their displeasure with the new normal, or who try to cut back room deals with western financiers and governments, have an ‘accident’.

It’s similar to what happened back in the early aughts when Putin first took power. The oligarchs who took control in the 90s under Yeltsin were too big for their britches and thought they were untouchable. Putin showed them they were mistaken, and it was the last mistake for many.


Interesting to see the difference between Moscow and Beijing. Russians end up dead. Chinese end up disappeared for awhile and then come back following the party line like NPCs. Different strokes for different folks

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Putin doesn’t have the patience for ‘re-education’. He just drops bodies and installs his own guys.

But on a more serious note, I don’t think Putin is DIRECTLY ordering these hits. He certainly approves of them, but I’m sure the actual killings are being done by ‘independent’ militias without his direct knowledge. Putin likes to maintain plausible deniability.

Whereas everything that goes on in China is officially sanctioned by the government. When guys get dissapeared and re-educated, that is official government policy, not some shadow organization. The Chinese don’t do plausible deniability. They do outright denial and never waver no matter how ridiculous it looks.

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I hope he takes out Yuri Shefler so that he doesn’t fuck up Miraval or kill our good friend Brad Pitt!

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It looks to me like just a series of unrelated tragedies.

Arguably that’s because of the differences in the businesses the chinese elite run versus the Russians. Of course there’s cronyism and corruption in China but you need to have relatively competent people running manufacturing and tech businesses if they aren’t going to get out competed for exports. Killing CEOs would be bad for business.

Whereas Russian oligarchs have mining/oil concerns that aren’t nearly as exposed to competition so you can put corrupt figureheads in charge and your customers aren’t going to run for the hills if the CEO mysteriously dies.

It’s also why Russia can’t make and manufacture much of anything that the outside world wants to buy.


Bourne lives.

And another one dies, this time from a bad case of the stairs.

Another former Putin ally dies after ‘falling down several flights of stairs’ as eight cronies are mysteriously killed


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