They are ANOTHER up & coming fight team out of Ohio. I reffed several of their guys & they ear tough guys plus I got one of their awesome shirts.........

With the calibration of Steve Hindmans East Coast and the Blackwells Canton Victory there gonna be a force to be wreckoned with. That Instigator gear is sick I heard the new gear is gonna be off the chain.

TTT- For Instigator Guys

Great team with some very good talent. Tony Sylvester is one of the best kept secrets in MMA right now. Watch out for him in th next year or so. IMHO Steve Hindman is one of the top trainers in the sport today.

come see them perform on 9/23 in Fightfest Cleveland!!

BLAH!!!! its that man, man tha bullet and i cant miss that for tha world peace

best fight gear i've seen yet.