Shut-up and Fight would like to extend an invitation to our March 185lb tourney to those who feel they are worthy!!!! we have a fourman American bracket and a four man Canadian bracket to determine who truely is the best active 185lb fighter in Canada then that person will getb a chance to fight a third time at the end of the night against the American winner, this has never been done before anyone is invited to apply but lets cut the crap their are only a few fighters in Canada who are worthy and you know who you are , so step up and lets prove once and for all who is the big dog!!! if you want the bragging rights you have to earn it
Shut-up and Fight
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match maker , Jason Darrah 1 250 503- 2559

active fighters

Sean Pierson maybe

My top 5:






Kang, Doerksen, Loiseau, Piearson, Vigneault

I agree with crazyhook

btw: great idea shutupandfight

Crow, Vigneault, Kang, Doerkson and Pierson are who I would recommend as of today's date.

Great idea...

Kang, Doerksen, Loiseau, Pierson

Vigneault , Fontaine

Gibson (if active).

on a side note, are there future plans for a LW (155) tourney?


Not in the near future but don't worry chad you are definitely going to get an offer from us which americans would you like to fight?

I really would like a fight with Gerald Strebendt.


it is awesome to see you want the tough fights and are willing to put it on the line rather than take fights that won't get you anywhere in the long run

I don't like taking fights where I'm the favorite. I like to gain out of all my matches... I'm not hung up on my record.. I train with a Thai at times, he had 68 fights in Thailand... that's a warrior... I think it's good to fight other guys in Canada for experience, but Jay Mac said it best when he said "we just end up beating up on each other".

Anyway, ranted enough... Gerald's one guy, I admire his skills, great finisher. Joe Lauzon as well.


Oh... and a guy at 185 for the american bracket that would be awesome would be John Hackleman Jr., he's 4-0 in MMA, and 3-0 in kickboxing, and as of now, has a 100% KO rate.


You are exactly right Chad. That is why you will see Canadians start to get the fights that propell them to the next level on the Shut Up and Fight cards. Les is 100% committed to providing top qaulity matches to the Canadians who truly want to move up in the sport. Getting the fights needed in smaller shows against other Canadians is essential but unfortunalty up until now there has not been a solid event in canada that is looking to give the fighters the chance to move into the bigger shows. All the big shows in Canada are more interested in keeping their fighters in their organization with only a handful of fighters ever breaking into the Big Shows

I agree.... ttt

thanks for the support !!! I will say this wait and see what we have planned for the March tournament and the Aug superfight it is our intention to culminate in Aug to host a show that will rival any North American fightcard period keeping the American and Canadian idea or theme also we have one more big announcement that will be released next week.......a final lineup will be in the next day or two!
back to the original question lets hear from some fighters or managers trainers etc who thinks they are the top 185lb fighter in Canada put your name out their if you deserve it
Leslie Dickens
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This is about to get very interesting....

...very indeed.