Who is the best and most skillful troll currently posting here?

I like renato, there’s always one or two dudes that have no clue lol.


@Kirik_Jr is hard to classify- maybe a part time troll? From him I’ve seen everything from genuine posts, to subtle trolly political posts, to overt trolly frivolous nonsense. Mostly in good fun :).

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I would classify myself as a mostly good person who has a lot of free time for mischief lol.

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Don’t throw shade on my alt account fucko


troll GIF


I wish I was trolling some days

Don’t forget he has JapGF who’s thicc and cooks in the kitchen. How he maintains his lemur-like slimFIT body with all that food is a mystery.


How did you find KJ’s pic?

Only correct answer. He’s so damn good.

I found t myself looking forward to his post in a thread every time.