Who is the best fat fighter?

Of all time?

Don't say Fedor, some people say Fedor is fat but he isn't, he jut isnt ripped.

I mean really fat.

I'd say Hunt, maybe Igor in his glory days




Barnett minus the juice

Thats a good point, if you consider Barnett fat then he has to be the best, how about Ricco? that guy was a donut master back in the day and he tapped nog in abu dhabi (yes i know about the inury etc.. I am not saying he is better than nog, tho he did beat him in pride......)

Barnett, the Baby Fat Assassin.

sammo hung


Hunt. No question about it!

Oh yeah--forgot about Hunt-duh.


James Toney

BJ Penn

I dont know about good, but.....

Kris Kondo

Tela Tuli

The Guy Frye KOed in 9 seconds

The ASAX guy

Joe Charles