who is the best fighter in mma

I want to know from yall opinion whos the best fighter in MMA and why

Silva 20-0 his last 20 fights

Fedor by a wide margin. He is very fast, very strong, and very explosive. He is said to be one of the hardest hitters in the sport, especially from the guard. He is very skilled at submissions, and slaps them on in the blink of an eye, and is seemingly impossible to submit himself. He is an excellent wrestler, good enough to escape Coleman and reverse Randleman seconds after being suplexed on his head. His conditioning appears to be second to none.

He is also undefeated for all practical purposes despite fighting many of the best names in the sport.


orcus speaks the truth.

Couture, Silva, and Fedor I think all have claims to that. Picking one over the other is hard though.



P4P - Penn

"P4P - Penn"... id have to agree

Mike Kyle, and if you don't believe me, then just ask him yourself!!!

Penn and Fedor. Penn is just a freak of nature. He is the single most talented fighter I think this sport has ever seen. And Fedor is not only skilled in all aspects of the game, but he is also extremely intelligent. He can devise a different gameplan for every new opponent, and pull it off.

Fedor and Minotauro at HW
Silva and Randy at LHW

Silva IMO.


1: Randy....Because he has fought the best, and much bigger guy's.

2: Fedor because he has absolutely dominated the best in his devision.

3(TIE): Vanderlei/BJ Penn: Both guy's are absolutely dominant in the prospective areas. Silva knocks people the fuck out, and Penn makes good ground fighter's look foolish.

Best Striker(pound-for-pound)

1:"Bang" Ludwig, Because he makes you go HOLY FUCK!!....That was some crazy shit.

2: Cro-Cop, Because he has the most devastating left head kick in MMA.

3 (TIE): Anderson/Vanderlei Silva, Because they will put you in the hospital for a long, long, time.

Toughest Unorthadox fighter

1: Sakuraba.....for the mongolian chop, and faking the cart-wheel to flying foot stomp.

2: Genki Sudo, because he is crazy to watch but he kick's ass.

No number three.....these two are in a class of their own.

Best Take-downs

1: Randleman.....after his throw on Fedor, and repeated take-down's against Randy Couture.

2: Matt Hughes, because he is explosive.

3(TIE): Coleman/Couture......Coleman is nearly impossible to stop, and Randy Couture is not a flashy takedown artist but against guy's his own size he is dominant.

Best Ground Game

1: BJ Penn, I don't think I need to explain it, he's just awsome.

2: David Terrell, the most under-rated ground game in MMA. All fighter's should fear this man on the ground.

3(TIE): Nog/Mustemante.......they are amazing.

Most feared man in MMA:

TIE: Vanderlei and Fedor, because your probably going to the Hospital when it's over.

mino was until fedor came along imo