Who is the best Grappler?


Diego Saraiva might take a shot at this.........just saw the date he will be in NJ............

Yes we got the resume, we will be making all final invites soon!

I thought you were too heavy though?

I will go through the resume stack I have.

ttt this and if anyone knows someone who would be a good competitor, drop them a line about the tourney!

Right now I am 165-170lbs. I can cut a little, but I thought that was the weight class.

Nick Diaz


Seems like your company's motto is "points dont count".

You should have the competition be submission wins only.

Thought about doing submission only, but I dont think that will fly!

Henry Matamoros


Maybe Henry I am going to drop him a line!

My sister would be an awsome add, she is 5,3 367 pounds.

You can't go wrong with Clingerman, he's a bad man.

"IMO Jay would have no problem getting past Baret. Baret has a tough time against wrestlers and Jay is an AWESOME wrestler. Jay would beat him HANDS DOWN!"

Havn't seen Baret have a hard time with to many people, more people have a hard time with him!! ;)

Were is this tourn. I think i need to jump back in the grappling scene. And i could use $1000

The tourney will be held in Hammond, IN - October-Abu Dhabi Rules! Weigh in on the Mat- NO Gi


Eric Koble! former Dan Gable student, current Sheldon Marr student. Just one the Pancrase nationals in Colorado. Him and Nick? (cant remember his last name) from Boulder BJJ.


Maybe the best in the world. Eric is was an Abu Dhabi alternate.