Who is the best Scottish team?

My heritage is Scottish, and I am very proud of it. Not much of a soccer fan, but when I hear people here in America talking soccer (but that is not too often) I want to put them in their place and set them straight as to who is running things for Scotland across the pond.

celtic by some margin

Gretna IMO.

Gretna will be up there in time.

Celtic are the best team at the moment, thought it generally alternates every few years between Rangers and Celtic.

Though at the moment Rangers are having a very bad period, last season was the first season in around 20 years Rangers failed to finish in the top two in the league.

Rangers/Celtic = The Old Firm.

Patrick Thistle, no politics, no religion!

Berwick Rangers, they're not even in Scotland! Audacious!

can i say they all suck equally?

Good answer.

Scottish teams in last 16 of Champions league the past two seasons.

Newcastle nowhere near. Newcastle owned.

But if Celtic are so shit what on earth are they doing there anyway?

Scotland: Ranked 16 in the world.

If Celtic were in the Premier League they would not even be in the top 10 never mind the Champs League.

DJStudd speaks the truth.

SM & DJS have claymored the correct.....

"If Celtic were in the Premier League they would not even be in the top 10 never mind the Champs League. "

At present they would not be. If they had access to the money available to Premiership clubs I think they could begin to work their way up.

Same with Rangers. The greater competition would make them much better teams IMO.

If my Auntie had a cock she'd be my Uncle.

She doesn't so isn't and Scottish teams are still shit.

Whwen Celtic reached the Uefa cup final(even mighty Newcastle can't manage that feat) they defeated future champions league winners Liverpool, as well as Blackburn, only losing top Jose Morinhos' Porto in ET in the final.

Yeah and they beat Man U in the Europe this season.

Not bad for a shit team.

When Celtic play an English team it is like their World Cup fucking final. Teams always up their game when they are the underdogs.

They beat Liverpool 'future Champions League winners' - Hmmm bit of difference between Liverpool of then and Liverpool that won the Champs League.

They beat Blackburn - God they must be good.

They beat Man U - Yeah in a game where they were outplayed for most of it and won with one good free kick. A lucky underdog kind of victory.

I don't know why you keep bringing Newcastle into it, I know they are shit, however I also know that Celtic are not much better.