Who Is The Danaher Of Judo Instruction?

Who Is The John Danaher Of Judo? What I mean is, who teaches with lots of details and puts together systems, not just a collection of techniques? A big plus if they wrote books or filmed instructionals.

Good question. There are many judo books especially the Master Class Series which I have and used so much in my judo career. Seminars with world class players really takes your game to another level. Video’s by world class retired players you can pick up some tips to add to your game. Recently Jimmy Pedro has developed American Judo System which I think you are looking for. Go to Travis Stevens FB page and he posted Jimmy telling what this is and how to subscribe. First time I have seen an attempt to .bring it all together. in a system.

I’d say Jimmy Pedro also. Kayla and Travis use his gripping patterns which we do as well.

Anyone ever train with Stephen Cunningham? I think he’s in CT. He put out the best judo video instructional I’ve seen so far.

Train, no. Really haven’t heard of him other than reading past articles posted because of the above comment. I seen his very long article on Osoto-gari. I attended a seminar by Yamashita back in the 90’s/2000’s and learned his fine points.of osoto-gari. Yamashita stressed stepping in his foot along side the opponent vs many who teach today stepping in past the support leg of uke. He also stressed curling your support leg toes grabbing them into the tamami. But Yamashita gets his off balance primary from his sleeve hand that pulls down and into his body. and his collar hand that drives up into along side of uke’s chin… Also, Yamashita has his unique ken ken osoto-gari.for competition. Another Sensei who taught of us for 9 months was In-chul Cho Korean Olympic Silver medal and world champion twice. He stressed lowering your weight somewhat on the planted leg, and sliding your reaping leg toes along the mat. if you do this properly you can hear your toes gliding across the tatami. Point is each has their own unique way (body mechanics) that make the throw work for them. We can learn from them and adapt it to our body mechanics. Video is of Yamashita’s Osoto-gari/competition ken ken Osoto-gari. https://youtu.be/u0ax8T1e_Fc