Who is the dirtiest MMA fighter of all time?

Joe Son

War Machine 

this is assuming dirty is synonymous with piece of shit. 

Matt Lindland - literally and figuratively.

Didn't Gary Goodridge squeeze someone's balls to win a fight?


Mike Kyle

Cheick Kongo

Gilbert Yvel

Jon Jones

royce gracie? knee to nuts part of his takedown

wanderlei silva? get gassed and foul opponent to get his gas back, milk every half ass groin strike to death to get air back

koscheck, fake injuries trying to get a dq win or a point

gsp legit have someone rub vasoline all over ur back during competition, despite dominating

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Hitman Rob - Gerard Gordeau

to purposefully eye gouge and permanently blind your opponent and then justify it by saying that it was to stop his opponent, who beat him, getting further hurt. scum.

Yuki Nakai then keeps his life altering injury a secret to protect the sport.

The best and worse of MMA in one fight. Shame Yuki had to fight that piece of shit in the first place.

Hands down winner.

Marcelo Tigre

Easily JBJ

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Sinead O Connors Nipples - 

Easily JBJ

This statement holds alot of validity actually…


My pick is Gilbert Yvel

Rousimar, why are you crying? 

Sprawl'n'Stall - Gordeau. I mean when you break the only two rules, you really are bad. Eye gouging really is awful.

Yvel indeed.


And WTF adding Romero to that list? You might say he “bent the rules” to win but he wasn’t playing dirty as the other names mentioned.

DC and JBJ would reign as the current eye poking champs but it seems more and more fighters are doing that finger jabbing/distance shit now.

If you’re gonna mention eye poking, don’t forget Chuck Liddel!

Unclemac1 - 

Marcelo Tigre

Came here specifically to say this!

I dont recall a single fight of his without a shameless blatant foul.

Rene Rooze has to be up there

Whichever fighter shit themselves during competition 


Jon Jones



Gilbert Yvel

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Why was Kongo so dirty? I have forgotten - I remember him kneeing the guy in the nuts but he deserved it

Notable mention would be Rousimar Palhares. Time and time again holding submissions too long. 

It’s Jon Jones, and I am a Jones fan.

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