Who is the GOAT second basemen?

I don’t know if I’d say it’s Lou, but i really want to because of how underrated he is.

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Joe Morgan

I believe I should weigh in on this one.

I have Hornsby as the best followed by Joe Morgan. But keep in mind Rod Carew played 2B for a portion of his career.


He changed the game though with his power

That’s overselling it a bit.

Sandberg had very good power, but it’s not like he was the first 2B to be a slugger. He had five 20+ HR seasons. Craig Biggio had seven. Joe Morgan and Sweet Lou had four. Robbie Alomar had three. The only thing Ryno had over those guys is that one fluke year where he hit 40, and even that wasn’t a first for a 2B, since Hornsby did it in the 1920s and just missed by one HR a couple of other times.

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Def Joe Morgan. Cano is out of running due to PED’s violations.

Nap Lajoie


Charlie Gehringer is the 3rd best 2nd baseman ever and gets no love

runs 1775

hits 2839

doubles 574

HR 184

RBI 1427

SB 181

BA .320

OBP .404

OPS+ 125



Cano has been caught juicing twice. Kent is only better than Charlie in HR and RBI

Biggio is well behind in almost every statistical category

I don’t know

Wade Boggs

Biggio has more he and rbi too

Hornsby and then the rest. Morgan in the last 60, as said.

Craig Biggio

Wade Boggs played 3rd base.

Its pretty crazy the Biggio was a catcher and changed positions to 2nd during his mlb career and played it out such a high level. That just doesn’t happen.

Lou Whitaker isn’t Goat but it is a crime that he isn’t in the HOF

Didn’t he also play outfield too? Maybe I’m mis-remembering i thought he went from catcher to OF (CF?) to second base.

1989 games at 2B
428 games at catcher
363 games in the OF (mostly CF)

That shit is ridiculous. IMO he was the greatest athlete to ever play catcher. It became obvious pretty early in his career that his physical gifts were wasted behind the plate.

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