Who is the guy.......

.....that is gonna put B.J. Penn away? I honestly don't see anyone that is much of a threat to him in the 155 and 170 lb. weight classes. Let's look at some options: Duane Ludwig (has a chance for a ko, but once B.J. takes him down he will likely put him away.) Genki Sudo( he has great subs and unorthodox style but I don't see how that could pose a real threat to B.J.)
Takanori Gomi(B.J. already did the impossible in subbing Gomi, I think it would happen again.) Sean Sherk(I can't really comment because I have never seen him fight, just here good things about him.) Vitor "Shaolin" Riberio(Shaolin has great takedowns and tremenduous grappling, but again I think B.J. would be able to handle him.) Matt Hughes(what can I say B.J.'s style doesn't match up well with Hughes, however if Matt works out with some really good BJJ experts(not that the ones at Miletich are no good just some new guys who are on the next level) I think he could win the rematch.)
Robbie Lawler(Rob's got great hands but we don't know how good his subt defense is. I think B.J. would choke him out.) Jens Pulver(beat him once by majority decision, but I think B.J. is a step above him now. I think B.J. would win in a rematch.) Here is my prediction: "Kid" Yamamoto. Thats right I think if Nori moved up to 155 he would take B.J. Kid is really aggressive, has superior conditioning, heavy hands, great sub defense, and great wrestling. Call me crazy but I think Kid is the guy for the job.

BTW I realize Shaolin and Penn both fight for Nova Uniao so they would probably never fight but this is just a what if thread.



Lately, Hallman has struggled with Drew Fickett and J.T. Taylor (both are talented guys, but not on BJ's level). The game is evolving so quickly, it's easy to get left behind just a bit. In this sport just a bit means a lot.

He would need at least 2 solid wins to get back in The UFC.

I used to train with Hallman and I know that if he focuses on training he will be the best 170 in the world. Just my belief in a fighter that just flat out knows how to hurt people.

I would also think Aaron Riley or Pete Spratt would stand a good chance.

serra beat him at 155 and i think he would be tougher at 170

FYI Serra got bullied by Penn @ 155 and is winless at Welterweight. I love the guy but his beautiful jiujitsu has only translated into MMA success against guys that weren't at UFC level of grappling.

Penn is one of my favorites. Please don't blow this guy up. He's beatable like everyone else and I worry about someone like Sakurai or a Hughes rematch. Moreover he will have a tough time with someone like Sherk that will put him on his back and hug him for five rounds.

I hope Penn stays champ forever but I liked him better at 155.

twinkle toes

i'm gonna agree with graciegurl

I don't think that the one victory against Hughes, by any means, makes Penn unbeatable. If anything, that fight showed me that no one is unbeatable. There are several fighters who, if they are on their game that night, could beat BJ Penn decisively.


Hmm, Frank got subbed by Hughes, but can beat BJ? I wouldnt count on it....

cujo is correct.

My guess is... nobody


I dont think BJ will put it on the line. Maybe one or two fights and he will retire or something. Dont get me wrong, BJ has skills, but I just dont think he is going to fight many more fights.

You cant say that so and so cant bet him because BJ beat the guy that beat him. It does not work that way. With the class of fighters out there anyone can beat anyone on any given day.

Anyway, I hope I am wrong, I like to see a true champion.

Remember there is a difference between someone that has the title and a true CHAMPION.

the guy who will beat BJ is the guy who isnt scared to stand and trade with him. Hughes got hit once and for some reason freaked out and didnt box.

On another note, that fight did prove no one was unbeatable in my mind. Jens beat BJ, BJ beat Hughes, Jens gets handled easily by Hughes in the gym. Just the way MMA works.