Who is the KOTC roid-monster?

Who is that guy on all the KOTC tapes. The huge juice-monkey who poses for all the closeups of his pecs?

Is he a fighter?

What's his name?

"someone please ban kkm..."

Almost a year and a half on the UG, 2600+ posts. Ya, I'm KKM. LOL.

What's your problem? I don't know who he is. I'm sure this has been talked about in the past, and I missed it. So I'm asking. Don't like it (for whatever reason), don't post here.



BSF's always above my head...

I agree, ban the troll.

Gary Hughes

Thanks Spladdel. I'll check it out.

Phil Baroni's uncle.

ahh ha ha ha

*laughs uncontrollably in parents basement*

I hope Robin Patterson doesn't see this thread.

LOL. No, I'm not trolling the x-ray crew.

hahahahahahaha @ xray army