Who is the most decorated MMA fighter?

Machida is a karate and bjj black belt, Anderson has a Capoeira rope of some kind,  couple guys have TKD belts, etc. 

who is the most decorated?

Rulan Gardner has an olympic gold medal.


     black belt in Tae Kwon Do

     black belt in Judo

     black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

     yellow rope in Capoeira

This is what wiki has for Anderson.

Genki Sudo gets pretty damn decorated imo 

 Mark Schultz.

If we are going single art : Vinny has a shitload for BJJ

 multiple arts, Mas0n

James Toney

RickStorm - Genki Sudo gets pretty damn decorated imo 


James Toney is acually a good answer

but Cyborg is decorated


 shogun? pride champ, grand prix champ, ufc champ  

 i'm curious about TMA belts and such for the most part. anderson is the clear leader in this thread.

UFC Heavyweight Champion

NCAA Champion

WWF/E Champion (three time)

IWGP Champion

Effectively BJJ Purple Belt.

^^ I hear he's pretty good at horshoe's, too.

Ken Shamrock

Superfight Champion
King of Pancrase
King of the Ring
Intercontinental Champion
Tag Team Champion
Living Death Beater

Define decorated...