Who is the most marketable fighter of all time?

MMA and boxing.

Mike Tyson and not even close Phone Post 3.0

stringtheory - Conor McGregor. Phone Post 3.0


Biggest Conor fan in the world, but that's madness. Tyson and Ali are surely leagggggues ahead of him.


Ali Phone Post 3.0

Oscar Dela Hoya
Canelo Alvarez
Tommy Morrison

Arturo Gatti maybe? He always is willing to brawl,he'll bleed everywhere,and had crazy KO power. He's the perfect TV fighter

Surely Tyson or Ali Phone Post 3.0

It's Mike Tyson. Or Floyd Mayweather Phone Post 3.0

Ali easily.

Yep Tyson is up there for sure.

In mma-

Chuck Liddell Phone Post 3.0

Tyson. Too soon to consider McGregor. Phone Post 3.0

The numbers don't lie...Money Mayweather. Phone Post 3.0

JoejitsuMD - Mike Tyson and not even close Phone Post 3.0


aarick161 - Tyson. Too soon to consider McGregor. Phone Post 3.0

Why is it too soon?

De La Hoya & Mayweather, as far as $$$'s go

cause he's drawn one number.

Tyson for sure.

good list by Carson. Wasn't Gene Tunney also the first million dollar purse in boxing in the 1920s-30s?

I'm 30 years old and don't think I've ever brought up Ali, Tyson and a person not know who they are... Floyd's gotta be up there as far as boxing goes.

Jack Dempsey and Muhammed Ali were the most popular athletes of their time.

Ali was the most recognizable man in the world. He spoke like a poet and was a physical genius. Jack Dempsey was Tyson, but legit.

Carson's Corner radio show - 

Depends on the market, I'd say by country -

England - Frank Bruno, Ricky Hatton, Sir Henry Cooper

Ireland - Barry McGuigan, Carl Frampton "The New Barry McGuigan"

Wales - Calzaghe, that thin guy who got killed in the ring in the black and white era

Scotland - Donnie Hood, Ricky Burns (distant 2nd)

France - Marcel Cerdan

Spain - Vega (Balrog)

Mexico - Canelo, Jorge Kahwagi, Oscar (also US)

Panama - Roberto Duran

Germany - Klitschkos, Dariusz Michalczewski, Sven Ottke, Schmeling, Marco Huck

Australia - Sonny Bill Williams

South Africa - Frans Botha

United Staets - Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali, Tyson, "The Fighting Marine" Jack Tunney, Max Baer (he marketed himself), Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Oscar again, "The Golden Greek" Jim Londos

Canada - David Lemieux

Great list
for canada I think you have to add GSP and possibly Lennox Lewis
GSP was gold in canada while on top