Who is the Strangest MMA'er ? ? ?


Olaf Alfonso.

Nosferatu IMO


Tanner. He's looney toon.

Bad Seed


Luke Cummo

I second the 'Horse. Loopy as Toucan Sam.

how can u have a thread like this and not mention Joe Son?

Horwich is pretty out there. Means well though. I have met him several occasions, makes for a pretty interesting convo...


Datsik seems pretty out there to me.

Charles "Captain Miserable" McCarthy.....strange but he does a lot for the sport

diego ...the kid is like something from a 80's b-movie / zombie flick

strangest MMAer....hmmmm.....I go with Mike Kyle.....WTF are you always thinking?

I was going to say Genki Sudo, but apparently you meant strangest all around, not in the ring/cage.

yep, he is just unorthodox.

i gotta say Yoshihiro Takayama. he looks like a japanese frankenstein w/a marilyn monroe wig that can put up a great fight

I am up there.

horwhich for sure. anyone who has met him will agree, im sure... dude is cool as hell, but definetly the strangest mma'er

I've never met Horwich, but from interview footage I've seen he seems like he'd be the fun kind of weird guy to hang around: strange as all-get-out, but super-positive.