Who is the toughest non greenamer?

Now alot of people might vote for themself but who is the toughest member of MMA.TV without a green name?

with more than a couple of posts.

Some egos might get hurt.

I once ate raw cookie dough on a dare.

then its settled!

Joe ancona is the toughest he was a pit fighter for the Hell Angles

its gonna be tough to top that one!!!!!!

I got in a fight with a wrestler when I was in 7th grade.

JHR by far.. fear the couch fu


I'm a master of Rex Kwan Do, I only don't have a green name because my art is too deadly, and the UFC won't let me fight.

Do the Hells Angles carry protractors?

prob me

nobody has two votes yet!!!!!!!

oh i guess eastsida does

i vote for me!

Sounds like monday I will take eastsida's title away from him......... again.

Drew Fickett

Drew has a green name now

It is by far "therealjoker"

the man is an animal!!!! he eats bjj purple belts all day long.

Newton rarely posts! Or does he??

Bobsappfan, legend on the UG and on the streets.