Who is the World's best grappler?

1) Gi--absolute?

2) Gi - p4p?

3) No Gi-Absolute?

4) No Gi- P4p?

 10+ pages despite the fact that the 2nd two are about to be answered at ADCC.

When is ADCC? Not till September right?

That's a ways away

Roger Gracie (could be Xande but since Roger has never been tapped i give it to him.)

Rubens Charles

Roger Gracie

Marcelo Garcia

didn't they just do this thread?

1) Gi--absolute? = Me

2) Gi - p4p? = Me

3) No Gi-Absolute? = Me

4) No Gi- P4p? = Me


 p4p all around I have to say Marcelo Garcia in terms of active guys. But there are so many greats out there. I think Roger has to be #2 or #1 (if not Marcelo). Xande is definitely up there. So is Galvao...man so many greats right now. I ould list 15-20 and still be insulting many by leaving them out so its lose lose. But if I'm honest I have to go with Garcia. Just my opinion.

Why Garcia over Jacare?

l. xande

roger gracie

sanguine cynic - Why Garcia over Jacare?
Yeah, one of those totally subjective decisions there. Jacare is the man, for sure. If someone thinks he's the best, they are not crazy.

I just don't think there is anyone that is as good and effective, pound for pound, as Garcia.

At worst, at worst, his run at the 2007 ADCC was the second most impressive of all time. He swept his division, winning all matches with submissions (winning it for the 3rd consecutive time), then submitted everyone all the way to the finals in the absolute before losing. I think that put him a 7-1 for the weekend, 7 submissions In 05 Roger went 8-0 I believe, all by submission. I think Garcia's 07 performance is as impressive or more considering his much lighter weight.

The guy is in the second lightest ADCC weight class and made it all the way to the finals with nothing but submissions before losing to another guy that should be considered up there - Robert Drysdale.


Marcelo best p4p IMO. Amazing grappler. As Elias said, so many good guys. But Marcelo seems to be in a class by himself. If he were a naturally bigger guy there would be no question.

im a real boy,

Why do you say Drysdale is better than Roger at no gi absolute? Roger was in the superfight and didn't compete in the 2007 absolute at ADCC..Drysdale sure is great, but I see no evidence that he is better than roger.

wouldnt p4p mean the same as absolute???
im really confused. best p4p is prolly roger or jacare altho marcelo gets 2nd or 3rd and hes only 165 lbs.
at their own weight marcelo in nogi no doubt about it. maybe in Gi as well

ditto Baroquen Record's list-

Roger rules the Absolute Divisions due to his size and technique.

Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles has dominated the featherweight division for 3 years since he received his black belt. He has gone into the absolute divisions in several tournaments and submitted some of the top competitors in every weight class, from light to super heavy. Definitely in contention for P4P in the Gi.

Marcelo is a monster in NoGi - making it to the finals in the Absolute in ADCC in a near flawless performance has got to rank him as the best P4P in No-Gi right now, although his lack of competing recently due to MMA may hurt his status.

GI absolute has to go to Xande as he is the current open weight champ and most accomplished BJJer of all time,

Gi-pfp goes to Cobrinha

No Gi absolute- Roger

No Gi pfp- Garcia

yeah, if cobrinha was enlarged that would be SCARY!!!

my list is exactly like GotchGracie.

I'm biased because I got my blue from Roger, but...

Even though Xande has the best credentials ever in the history of BJJ, Roger Gracie has tapped everyone and never been tapped. Roger has tapped Xande, Jacare and Garcia (and Saulo, and Werdum, and Drysdale, etc.) and has never been even in danger of being tapped by any of those guys. The last time I saw Roger threatened in a tournament was against Terere.

Whenever any of the top guys go against Roger, they follow only one strategy, avoid the ground at all cost and try to win on takedowns. When they don't, they get tapped.