Who is this "black belt"?

Does anybody know who the guy on the left is?  We already know the guy on the right is a fake black belt Scott Shields.


Best BJJ black belt certificate ever!


Again. Phone Post

He is from back east, no?

 I want to dip their bald heads in butter and rub them across my belly.

he must be the legendary Marcus Renato.

Lol here we go haha

I missed the Scott shields thread, anyone got a link? Phone Post

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themexicutioner - *grabs popcorn* Phone Post

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traneufcisback -  I want to dip their bald heads in butter and rub them across my belly.

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 nice cert.

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If you REALLY want to be a fake BJJ Black Belt, do it the time-honored way: pay for a handful of expensive privates followed by a "Black Belt Test" from one of the usual suspects.

This nonsense of picking up a Mexican day-laborer outside a Home Depot, dressing him in a gi and taking photos just ain't gonna cut it, Mr. Shields.

This is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we have standards.

Neither dude has cauliflower ears? WTF? My ears all fucked up and I am only a 1st degree Black Belt. The dude with the tattoos has three stripes on his black belt and his ears are smooth.

Not trying to stick up for the guy, but my father has done judo for 30 years and he doesn't have any signs of cauliflower ear. I've done bjj for 7 years and I have no signs either. Trust me, I've tried to get it lol. Some people just don't get it.

It looks like pawnstars wanted to get a pic of his instructor Renato and just found some random guy that might be able to pull off Brazilian and stuck him in a gi. The guy on left even looks like he threw on this Scott guy's kikskin gi.

what?? you guys don't think he is legit?? shakes head personally I think the clenched fist is all we need. I wouldn't mess with him!!! Phone Post

 This was supposed to be the proof of Marcus Renato, who Scott claims he hasn't seen in years.  Uh, oh!  This just in:

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The picture of him with "Marcus Renato" was taken on Monday at 5:25 pm with an LG Rumor Touch Telephone.

Camera Make = LG Electronics, Inc.

Camera Model = LG RUMOR TOUCH

Picture Orientation = normal (1)

X-Resolution = 72/1 ===> 72

Y-Resolution = 72/1 ===> 72

X/Y-Resolution Unit = inch (2)

Software / Firmware Version = Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer 6.1.7600.16385

Last Modified Date/Time = 2011:11:29 15:24:42

Y/Cb/Cr Positioning (Subsampling) = centered / center of pixel array (1)

Unknown tag, Tagnum 0xc4a5 = data ===> 0x50,0x72,0x69,0x6e,0x74,0x49,0x4d,0x00,0x30,0x33,0x30,0x30,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00

Exposure Program = normal program (2)

EXIF Version = 0220

Original Date/Time = 2011:11:28 17:25:44

Digitization Date/Time = 2011:11:28 17:25:44

Components Configuration = 0x01,0x02,0x03,0x00 / YCbCr

Brightness (APEX) = 0/1024

Brightness = 1 foot-lambert

Metering Mode = center weighted average (2)

User Comment (Hex) = 0x51,0x75,0x61,0x6c,0x69,0x74,0x79,0x3a,0x46,0x69,0x6e,0x65,0x00

User Comment Character Code = unknown

FlashPix Version = 0100

Colour Space = sRGB (1)

Image Width = 1600 pixels

Image Height = 1200 pixels

Image Source = digital still camera (DSC)

Scene Type = directly photographed image

Custom Rendered = custom process (1)

Exposure Mode = auto exposure (0)

White Balance = auto (0)

Digital Zoom Ratio = 0/0 ===> NaN

Contrast = normal (0)

Saturation = normal (0)

Sharpness = normal (0)

"I am only a 1st degree Black Belt."