Who is this guy??



Looks like Jermaine Andre.

Jermaine Andre

André's Mixed Martial Arts Training Academy was founded by Jermaine
André. Mr. Andre' is a professional No Holds Barred (MMA) fighter; a
professional Muay Thai Kick Boxer; Professional Kick Boxer;
Professional Submission Fighter; Professional ShootBoxer; Professional
San Shou KickBoxer; Personal Bodyguard Certifier, Professional
Protection Team Trainer; Street Fighter and more.

He is trained and holds black belts in several arts stemming from stand
up fighting arts to ground fighting and weapons. He is a World & 3
time U.S. Champion and officially certified as an instructor in the
Martial Arts, self-defense and security training.. Mr. Andre' has also
written seven (7) books including a book on women's self-defense
(André's Secrets to Women's Street Defense). He is a self-defense
instructor who understands, knows and has used real self-defense.

Jermaine Andre' designed Andre's MMA Academy for everyone to
benefit from. Mr. Andre' stresses that everyone can do the Mixed
Martial Arts regardless of age, sex, race, religion and even handicaps.
The whole objective of the Mixed Martial Arts is to provide so many
weapons and choices that anyone can do it. All they need is a
competent and understanding instructor.

Certifications & Credentials:
• Martial Art Training
• Muay Thai Kickboxing – Certified Instructor
• Ground Fighting – Certified Instructor
• Submission Wrestling – Certified Black Belt Instructor
• "P.A.W.S." Protection & Awareness For Women
– Certified Instructor
• International Defense Trainers Member
• Kung Fu
• Karate
• Judo
• Jeet Kune Do
• Martial Art Weapons
• Knife
• Sticks
• Nunchucks
• Staff & Spear
• The Art & Science of the Sucker Punch – Certified Instructor

"The Art & Science of the Sucker Punch – Certified Instructor"

fuckin SWEET!!!!!!

sucker-punch is no joke. definately a science.

it's both an art AND a science!!!

The art and science of the sucker punch is a very artful and scientific way!

what are the belt rankings for sucker punch fu?

and how can you get certified to instruct in this art?

^^charles bronson has to certify you and he is dead now so it would have to be one of his pupils.

The highest belt in the Sucker Punch is the Octopus Belt.

charles bronsen is dead??!!

sucker punches are street

charles bronsen is dead??!!

He stared a little too long at Giant Lee.

LMAO @ the sucker punch certification.

Is that a modified mullet he has?

He kicks harder than anyone in the game at 185. The crowd would wince in pain after he let the legs go. VERY ENTERTAINING FIGHTER.

Tough dude..remember him back in the day in the UFC.

Damn, littlefield! do you read every single thread?


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