Who is this guy ?

It's in Portugese. Tony ?

Good bjj, striking is lacking, unrealistic drillsfor dealing with striking imo.

Who is he ?

Decent highlight but after Metallica the musical selection was very lacking IMO ;)

P.S. Floppy is correct.

I think The question is who the fuck is he?

LOL. Im going to email that to Babalu and tell him that guy was claiming
he would beat his ass.

It appears the only way to get this guy's name and background and stuff is to create it myself.


HE STOLE MY MOVE! I was the first to trap the high kick with my neck, then sweep the foot!


According to the video he is
Antonio "Tony" Zeferian is 28 years old and has been doing Jiujitsu for 10 years
He weighs 85 kilos and xx(couldn't make it out)metres high
He got his purple belt uner Ryan Gracie and then his brown belt under Roberto Godoi
He was a chamion in the state of Sao Paulo from 1988-2002
He is also a black belt in Hapkido and was a State of Sao Paulo Champion in 2000
He specializes in Muay Thai and something else Japanese
He was a vale tudo champion in 1988, 1999, 2003
He honors the spirit of the japanese people and the sacred path of the samurai
he is fullof energy, explosion, determination and wants to meet other champion fighters in Japan

Then he comes on and gives the proverbial fighters creed.."I'll fighter any one, anywhere, at any time..blah blah blah"

I found his record too...

Ant?nio Zeferian

Opponent Result Time Event Date Summary
Luiz Fraga Loss 0:40 Brazilian Vale Tudo 2 ??? Zeferian tapped out for no apparent reason


Looks like we got a new contender for welterweight title...look out Diego..youre title is going to get stolen from you before you've even won it

LMAO at the second part with "Eye of the Tiger" playing and him chopping down trees and letting his pitbull chew them up.
this guy looks like the real deal


TTT for wild celtic



hmm that's an interestin theory..oh I mean Fact

I like how he eats those head kicks then traps them to his face. I guess it would work if he wasn't limp on the floor.


Was he punching with both arms at the same time?