Who is who?

This is a picture from Japan Vale Tudo 1999.

Let´s see who knows who is there.

Name them from left to right, standing first.

There might have some interesting stories...




Is that Mark Coleman in the center, the front one standing?

i see....pequeno next to mach,

matt hume all the way in the back?

Uno.....is that Gomie to the far right?

That guy's way to small to be Coleman.

gomi on right and uno in middle/right...little five year old under gomi on right will win tho.

Sato is on the right, bottom kneeling.

Enson is standing with a hat on on the right.

anyway to blow this picture up so we can see it more clearly?

That's Haroldo Bunn, not Coleman.

Who else?

I'll go out on a limb and say: Rumina Sato, Rafael Cordeiro, Tetsuji Kato, Angelo Sergio, Takanori Gomi, Johnny Eduardo, Hisao Ikeda, Joao Roque, Uchu Tatsumi, Alexandre Franca Nogueira, Caol Uno, Andre Pederneiras, Hayato Sakurai, Haroldo Bunn and a lot of their corners.


sorry, I didn't put them in order...

Gang Band???