WHo is you Gym's Enforcer?

every gym has one no? that one guy (sometimes the instructor if he isn't luckY) that "takes care of business/keeps it real" when the riff raff comes through the door. i remember mine onzuka serving as one of these guys back in the day and i'm sure there are couple of cool stories involving him for those that might want to share.

so who is your gym's enforcer? any cool stories to share about him?

(ps. sorry rob and ranman, i had "a mma fighter" come in the other day and sent him your way--HAVE FUN please. lol)


Gorilla brothers. They do my dirty work and do it good. lol
Nasty nate will be up there soon to.

If were talking dojo challenge matches My brother choking out the little filipino guy at UH was memorable. Also the sooto guys that came and rolled when Vitor was in town was cool as well.

I like some of the nicknames these guys get!

We have one from o2 that visits every so often that we call "intimidator".


nothing like acting the romo to scare people off lol

thats why we wear speedos under our gi so when people challenge us we take off the pants and rush um

some enforcers prefer commando for that added intimate approach.

Gorilla brothers do a wonderful job.

Nocturnal is O2's enforcer.

junon - Nocturnal is O2's enforcer.

 I was just about to post the same about you.

so who is your gym's enforcer? any cool stories to share about him?

(ps. sorry rob and ranman, i had "a mma fighter" come in the other day and sent him your way--HAVE FUN please. lol)

No prob FCTV, it should be fun. We get a ton of guys come in from the base and street fighters. A lot of these guys dont make thru warmups.
I think we have a few enforcers, but we figure these guys might never come back so we better get some now.
I think it also depends on their attitude when the come to the gym. If they want to go hard we will go hard. If the want to learn then they proably wont get rolled up. I have lots of stories


Please share. ^^This will be interesting reads.

I've heard some GREAT Team MMAD stories but I'll let Rob or Ranman share them.

Here is one, This a Brenton Wolff story. We aways get military guys coming in. If you know military guys you know that they go ape shit doing every single drill. Well, we were doing some sparing with takedowns(with 16th oz gloves). I talk to the military guys before hand to tell them we are not trying kill each other. He tells me its ok he has 6 boxing matches.
But this military dude goes there and is swing for the fences. I have to admit this dude was pretty tap, From the midwest corn-feed animal. Then he gets partnered up with Brenton. I was sparring but keeping my eye on them.
Military dude is going for broke. Brenton looks calm and relaxed. Brenton hits him with and hook, mouth piece went flying and military dude goes out cold. Mind you we are using 16oz gloves and he has head gear on. It looked like he was dead.
I thought we were going to have to bury him. After he woke up. He was going a whole lot lighter.The he never came back
I have more later

^^^ LOL good one

once we had 2 military guys just like this come in and it was a gi night but they didnt have gis on so class is over and we are doing pass guard drills and they were going ape shit trying to rip peoples gis right off. This was pretty normal so I just laughed about it but it even got better. At the end of class we had open matt if those 2 dip shits don't ask the two smallest guys to roll they were like 13 and 14 yrs old and weighed about 110-120lbs ( both military guys were about 175 and 190). They did there best to rag doll them all over the place I was getting ready to stop them and regulate when they start getting there asses kicked one got mounted and quit and the other got triangled. It was so funny I had to walk outside to laugh needless to say they never came back.

At our gym it's usually me depending on the size. If there over 200lbs it's me for sure. When I'm gone next month it's going to be gang rape by Stu, Cody, Brian, Andy and Lou

I'm usually the first to roll with the new comer and if he's playing ball and not trying to kill any one then awesome. If he watched some videos and thinks this is the UFC than game on. Being a small jiu jitsu state we often get guys who are from other schools but play the spy role. There more here to test their game then to learn yours. You can usually tell by the way they drill

My goal isn't really to submit these people but more to grind their ass to the mat with a smile on my face and then submit them at will.

I keep track of these things because I like to think we do a good job. Last year we had 8 people come in with the roll or die attitude. 7 of them were 1 timers and 1 stuck with it after getting his arm popped twice for being a retard. We smashed all of them.

Two close calls.
Wrestler last summer who was a cardio machine and weighed 220lbs++. He was man handling me and I thought for sure
he was going to catch me as I was defending the whole time and couldn't manage to get top. I kept think what Rylan said that eventually he would wear out but after 15 minutes he kept at it. Finally he slowed down and I got a sweep. Managed to princess and the pea him for 5 minutes before tapping him to pressure. After that it was all down hill for him. I went home took a shower and don't even remember going to bed just waking up thinking fuck, what a night.

Second one thank god for Stu and Shane Agena's training.
There was a guy that claimed to be an "abu dhabi alternate, olympic wrestler, all world etc." that came in. He was probably a legit blue but that was it. During class we didn't roll and just did drills and he was going ape shit. After class we waited for him to ask us to roll and he didn't. So we figured he didn't want to be exposed to his friends that brought him in (we talked with them about bringing retards to the gym). So me and Stu just do a retarded round from standing and I'm gassed. He asked me to roll and I told him I'm working take downs and we do take downs for a round and I'm done. He then feels pretty confident and wants to roll and Stu steps up. Guy gets choked and nearly put out. It was at that moment I realized that it's good to have training partners who can step up lol.

Kind of funny next day I drilled with Stu, rested all day, drank coffee and came to class ready to kick ass. They guy didn't show up and I felt like a dumb ass

Ever been B. Mossed?

RobHesia - ... It looked like he was dead.
I thought we were going to have to bury him. ...


(ps. pls don't forget to call me when you plan on burying anyone. i can play aloha oe on slack for him)

I will call u FCTV, not to play music but to coroborate our alibi(they were all with me, detective...)

Here is another, We had some guy come in, He were telling me and brandon all his skills(for some reason thats what these "Type" people do)About how he was a Muay time champ
It only me and Brandon at the gym, so brandon wants to spar. The guy gloves up and they start going at it. He has the stance and the movemnt down. Brandon is going light and the guy is trying to open up and leg kicking brandon. Every time he landed a kick he was going "heyyyy" really loud.
Brandon looks at me and gives me the watch this look. Then he high kicks the guy right in the dome. It looked like JR palmer. He was out and Brandon went to the bag to finish the round. He Never came Back


I dont want to soud like we are bunch of bullies. We give each other cracks all the time too.
The Best cracks and knockout I have seen at our gym, have been teammate to teammate. If you guys every want to some serious KOs and crazy sparring sessions come to MMAD on Fridays.