Who is your favorite actor?

Mine would definitely be ray liotta. The dude had been in some great movies and is a very underrated actor.

What are yours OG? Phone Post

In_Deference - Christoph Waltz is right up there
Pitt picks movies well

Clicked on this to post Christopher Waltz. Phone Post

Denzel Washington Phone Post 3.0

Alexis Raven

Bale Phone Post


Hypnos - Denzel Washington Phone Post 3.0

My brotha

Jack Nicholson. There is no motherfucker on this earth who is a better actor, let alone cooler person.

Kurt Russell

Jack Burton, Snake Plissken, R.J. MacReady, Gabe Cash, Stuntman Mike, Captain Ron, Bull McCaffrey, and Wyatt fucking Earp

The man is a goddamn legend Phone Post

Harrison ford. RDJ is a close second. Phone Post 3.0

Paris Hilton

Malky, Deniro Phone Post 3.0

Will Smith
Will Smith Phone Post

Robert Duvall
Ray Liotta
Robert DiNero
Gene Hackman
Danny Glover
Tommy Lee Jones Phone Post 3.0

Paul Newman Phone Post

Brando Phone Post

Dicaprio Phone Post

Nick Cage, Pacino, de Nero, Casey Affleck... Phone Post

1. Charles Bronson.

2. Richard Grieco (close second).

Hands down: Humphrey Bogart. Coolest on screen Mofo ever.

Number two: Jack Nicholson. Coolest off screen mofo. Phone Post 3.0