Who is your favorite fighter and why?

For me it's Joe Lauzon, because Lauzon leaves every fuck he has to give outside the octagon and he has that true warrior spirt. Phone Post 3.0

Nick he's given me so much entertainment in and outside the cage over the years. Phone Post 3.0



Mirko Crocop Filipovic!!!


Two ... Donald cerone and Matt fucking Brown. Everyone else can go scratch Phone Post 3.0

And because of there style love the Dutch style striking and slick underrated ground games Phone Post 3.0

Me. I'm the man. Phone Post 3.0

Tom Lawlor - Me. I'm the man. Phone Post 3.0
Filthy bastard ! Phone Post 3.0

Randy Couture. Has an underdog ever won more consistantly? Phone Post

My og top 5 is mostly retired now
I know odd list but shit i could have ken and tank on there too .
Nowadays Ill take lawler faber or moraes now ok and nick newell fuck i cant choose just one lol Phone Post 3.0

Andy & Chuck are by far my fav to watch

If I have to pick a current. ..maybe Cub Swanson Phone Post 3.0

Saku, hands down was my favorite of all time

Cerrone lauzon McGregor

Diaz brothers. Always an exciting fight. Love the volume striking style. Phone Post 3.0

Cain, because hes the best and not an arrogant ass. He goes in there and overwhelms his opponents. Phone Post 3.0

Igor Vovchanchyn. Demolished guys much larger than him. Super fast and powerful in his prime, warrior spirit through and through. I will always be a Igor fan. Phone Post 3.0


He makes grappling look easy.
I love seeing him preform.
The way he holds a sweaty man down forcing him into a submission.

(Beep!) Phone Post 3.0

anderson silva, grew up watching bruce lee and he always reminded me of him Phone Post 3.0

Her dad. Phone Post 3.0


and as far as guys who also kick: