Who is your pick for league MVP?

Just wondering with the season wrapping up in the next few weeks or so who you are picking for league MVP?

I am gonna take Joe Thornton but its hard to bet against Jagr. And no WC17 I am not taking him because he is an ex Bruin ..lol. I think his play making ablity has San Jose right back where some were picking them to do damage....... in the playoffs. Without him they would still be outside looking in.



if Thornton or Jagr dont get it you have to give it to Kiprusoff.

I agree those are the top 3 contenders, but what about Lundqvist, the NYR goalie? Or Huet the Hab goalie?


I hate to say it but Jagr is gonna take it. Thornton has had a bigger impact on San Jose than Jagr in NY imo, but San Jose is also a really talented team that should have been playing a lot better than they were anyways.

Kiprusoff should probably win it and would be my vote. He's won more games for his team than any single player anywhere, but i think is taken for granted. How many games have any of the backups won for Calgary? He's the single reason they're challenging for first in the division.

I dont really have a problem with Thornton actually, he's had a hell of a year.

It least Wellwood will be going home with the calder.

Yeah Kyle Calder

Jagr or Thornton (but only if SJ makes the playoffs)

Spankenstyne..that one made me laugh!!


The contenders are Thornton, Jagr, Staal, Alfredson and Huet. The winner will probably be Jagr.


ummm what?

Kipper, Lundqvist, and even Alex Auld get the nod before this guy.

Agree for Lundqvist but Huet is the reason MTL is fighting for a spot in the playoffs.

lol @ the MVP helping his team fight for a spot in the playoffs.

Lol @ Rounder8, Huet got another big win by shootout last night, and you have to remember that Theodore won the MVP in 2001-2002 for helping his team getting into the playoffs. He was not the best in the league overall, MVP means Most Valuable Player, so you have to look for a team that wouldn't compete without that player.

For example would the Rangers be that good without Jagr ?

So the question is: would the Habs be fighting for 6Th place without Huet ? NO they would be probably in 10-12th position.

Jagr or Huet for MVP? If you don't know the answer to that, I'm wasting my time.

BTW, Jagr 109 pts- 2nd highest scorer on the Rangers 70 points.

Jagr 52 goals, 2nd highest 28 goals.

Jagr 9 GWG, 2nd highest 3 GWG.

Jagr also leads in assists.

Class dismissed.

I also believe Jagr will win that award, but let me tell you for your information that Huet is second best in the league for GAA : 2.14 and is leading in save percentage with an average of .930

Last nights 4 apple game for Jagr all but wrapped it up.....I was looking forward to Thornton blow by him but that looks like it might take some work now....


Huet has played in 30 games. How can you make a case for somebody who will have played in less than half of their teams games for MVP?

Has to be Jagr,Thornton or Kipprusof

Hey, i'm not saying he deserves to win that award, but he deserves to be at least one of the contenders.