Who Killed Tony Soprano?

The screen actors guild fucked up the ending. Obviously Tony was killed buy who do you think was responsible?




Little guy from Phil's crew? 

Someone else?

Pussy's fish best mate 

Option C, or and uncancelled contract from Phil

Johnny Cakes new lover

Adrianas smelly dead fadge 

Anthony Jr

He was tired of being a little shit


I don't think he was killed. The show is famous for not wrapping up story lines. We never found out about the Russian guy for example

Paulie with patsy with approval by New York namely little carmine. 



Patsy. He knew where Tony was eating through meadow who was dating his son. He did it for New York but he also had a personal agenda.

he's not dead

Members only jacket guy. 

Artie Boucho

His mothers vindictive ghost or maybe one of his sisters chins

Dude that went to the bathroom. Tony was shot from behind when Meadow walked in. He looked up to see her come through the door, then it went black. I think he talks about it in the 1st episode, ironically. Mentions how it just goes black when your ticket's punched.
Who set it up? Patsy and Paulie. Paulie took over what was left most likely and was a great puppet for NY, no doubt.

It's been a while so my memory is hazy, but what was Paulie's motivation have been?  He didn't seem ambitious and was a dumbfuck, so why dies anyone think he could be behind it? 

crudz - he's not dead
This imo.
I especially don't think Paulie would do it or organise it

Bathroom guy.

i don't even see how it's up for debate to be honest.

a heart attack killed him.

New York set it up with Paulie's reluctant approval.