Ok, so I downloaded a cd ISO split up into 54 binary parts. I downloaded 1-54, and all are there, so Im not missing any. But when I try to extract the ISO image from the files, it gets all the way through (100%), and then says BIN CORRUPTED. Im using Winrar 3.3 beta 4. So I download all the PAR files for the cd, and run smart par to verify all the files are good, and it comes up saying that ALL THE FILES ARE GOOD. There are no errors, or corrupted files when I check the RAR files with smart par.... but I keep getting the BIN CORRUPT error. Any advice on what I could do? I think I know which particular rar file is corrupted cuz someone else in the group said so, but smart par wont allow me to fix specific rar files. Anyone know what I can do?

Look in the saved threads. Everything you need to know is there.


? saved threadS?

use the newest par checker (par 2.0) you can find.

Try unrar-ing it anyway with the keep broken files option enabled. go to www.newzbin.com and see if theres links to faq's there.