who LEAVES the HOUSE??????????????

Who leaves the House next week?



Anyone have more info on this????

does he get booted?

leaving the house.

dumb.........that's one way not to fight

so does clementi take his place (assuming jackson is kicked out)?

i really really reeeeeeally hope its not JJ.

i just cant imagine him leaving unless there was a serious reason for it.

My crystal ball says its Jeremy Jackson....I also see a life guard?... either he drowns, or bangs a life guard.... my crystal ball is a bit dusty.

clementi definitely has the better chance to advance. he does have a well
rounded game and matches up quite well with thomas and serra. i'd
especially like to see him fight matt serra. and they showed a clip of
clementi saying he'd fight anyone and whenever so i doubt we'll see a
situation like last season where fighters were turning down the chance.
and to top it off, the damn team is named "no love" so how could they
NOT bring back no love himself when given the chance?