Who Likes KTFO Gear? (Another Pic)

Just a little creative marketing kiddies!

we will be at the NAGA event tommorow running the KTFO


HOT NEW GEAR!! Mesh hats, beanies, beach towels, fight shorts, board shorts, cool t shirt designs, Gear for chicks. and for little kids even.

Belive me when i tell you, NO OBNOXIOUS T SHIRTS HERE!

just the NEO SUAVE miami fighter style that everyone would want to wear!

Stop by.. say hi!

Joe Mac

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thete sure are some ugly people in that pic, although the chick behind
the creepy dude takes the cake!

That brunette looks a lot like Hailey Page...

who's the guy in the pic? whose eyes look like he's been on a cocaine binge for weeks

party time!

funny post's thanx guys haha

Just make sure they pay you in CASH homey! ;)

i just jumped on the KTFO band wagon 3 days ago.

these pics were taken weeks ago.

go figureee

joe mac

joe, it's kostas..

dude, nice pic... i remember when shamrock gave you that tshirt.

kostas! you tha man! hows married life and fatherhood treating you!??!


ttt and look for another KTFO thread Im gonna bring back to the top.

it's good, joe.


got another one coming...

wow..god bless !! you crazy greek!


joe mac


i think the only ktfo shirt i ever liked that i have is the white shirt that just says ktfo in black