Who makes it into the UFC from Strikeforce?

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                                Who makes it into the UFC from Strikeforce?

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                    <p>Yesterday it was announced that Strikeforce was closing after one grand finale in January.&nbsp;</p>

Several top Strikforce fighters including Nick Diaz had already crossed over, and over the past 24 hours both Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate announced that they had been signed.

The Strikeforce roster currently stands at 78.

BloodyElbow's Tim Burke went through the list trying to determine who is in, and who may go looking to Bellator, and other second tier promotions.

Definitely In:
Josh Barnett, Gilbert Melendez, Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold, Josh Thomson, Ronaldo Souza, Tim Kennedy, Gegard Mousasi, Rafael Cavalcante, Tyron Woodley, Roger Gracie, Lorenz Larkin.

Probably In:
Pat Healy, Tarec Saffiedine, Jason High, Quinn Mulhern, Jordan Mein, Jorge Santiago, Robbie Lawler, Adlan Amagov, Derek Brunson, Yancy Medeiros, Guto Inocente, Mike Kyle, Yoel Romero, Ovince St. Preux, Gian Villante, K.J. Noons, Jorge Masvidal, Ryan Couture, Isaac Vallie-Flagg, Caros Fodor, Bobby Green, Sarah Kaufman, Liz Carmouche, Sara McMann, Alexis Davis, Julie Kedzie

Probably Out:
Dion Staring, Joe Duarte, Billy Evangelista, Jorge Gurgel, Matt Ricehouse, James Terry, Conor Heun, Estavan Payan, Justin Wilcox, Mizuto Hirota, Adriano Martins, Michael Bravo, Roger Bowling, Nah-Shon Burrell, Ryan LaFlare, Brian Melancon, Nate Moore, Bobby Voelker, Chris Spang, Tyler Stinson, Yuri Villefort, Keith Berry, Nate James, Keith Jardine, Trevor Smith, Benji Radach, Lumumba Sayers, Anthony Smith, T.J. Cook, Virgil Zwicker, Julia Budd, Germaine de Randamie, Amanda Nunes, Kerry Vera, Hiroko Yamanaka, Cat Zingano.

Some Issues to Work Out
Cristiane Santos, Nate Marquardt

Who do you think is in? Out?

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All the strikeforce women will get in imo

OSP should be "definitely in."

Lawler vs. Leben please

I hope they bring Nate in, he adds alot to the welterweight division and looked good in his last fight Phone Post

forrestfan - Lawler vs. Leben please

. Phone Post

epwar - 

OSP should be "definitely in."

This! Also Pat Healy should be definitely in.

can you imagine Jacare/Palhares?

forrestfan - Lawler vs. Leben please

I second this request, that would be a barn burner. Phone Post

Barnett should be a question mark.


Barnett should be a question mark.

Not really, he's a top ten fighter. The heavyweight division in the UFC has a ton of fighters I'd rather see them cut. Phone Post

The UFC needs to be careful in their matchmaking following this venture, specifically with the higher level Strikeforce fighters. If you throw them straight to the wolves and they get eaten, it is going to invalidate the whole crop of strikeforce fighters in the eyes of a lot of the fans. Give them some competitive but favorable fights so that fans will look forward to seeing with the rest of the strikeforce fighters have to offer.

I'm not so sure Barnett is definitely in. Based on skill, yes, but he has had a bit of a turbulent past with the ufc, and has said a lot of insulting stuff about dfw.

Barnett better be in. I will raise a stink if he is rejected. A STINK I SAY! Phone Post

I don't see how Jorge Santiago is a "probably in." Same with Brunson. Those two are "probably out."

Kyle and Noons deserve the nod, along with all the women Strikeforce has under their banner. Can't have a division without fighters.



Barnett should be a question mark.

I agree. He was talking about defending his pancrase title on inside mma this week and doing some pro wrasslin in japan Phone Post

Julia Budd is awesome. I hope she gets the chance.

Id like to see Bobby Voelker get a nod.


If you actually go to the article, Josh Barnett is under the "Possibly on the chopping block:" section, not the " Definitely in" section.

Thats a mistake

Here we go:

1) Marquardt

2) Mousasi

3) Rockhold

4) Larkin

5) Melendez

6) Masvidal

7) Cormier

8) Jacare

9) Woodley

10) Lawler

11) Barnett

12) Mein

13) Marquardt

14) Noons

15) Feijao

16) Kennedy

17) Gracie

18) Thomson

19) Healy

20) OSP

All females under Strikeforce should make the jump to fill out the new division. As for fighters after the #20 mark, it's a toss up of who they select to come over.