Who Never Pulls Guard?

In sport bjj, who have you never seen pull guard? I don't think I've ever seen Jacare pull gaurd with the gi on unless he was going for a flying submission. I know he pulled guard against Marcelo in adcc and against Randy Courture, but that was a specific strategy.

Royler, Mario Sperry, I thought Terere until I saw some of his recent absolute matches. Who else? Anyone you've seen compete who never pulls guard?

It may have been a brown belt match, but I remember him pulling guard, I think it was Braulio or someone with a very good guard. He tried to pass for quite awhile, and if my memory is correct he went ahead pulled guard and won the match. I was impressed with how well rounded his game and strategies are.


scrappy has laid on a correct for a 2-0 win.

Sperry pulled guard against Rolleta back in the day

Oh yeah, that's right. I've actually never seen Daniel Moraes pull guard either.

In 14 years, I have not pulled guard once...

Is that because you just get taken down instead? j/k man. lol

Amaury Bitteti

good call on Amaury

Jacare pulled guard on Garcia, no?

"Jacare pulled guard on Garcia, no? "

not in the gi

^^^sorry, missed the gi on bit

lol, no, not really...

I have never had anybody pull guard on me : ).