Who on BTT has been subbed?

Besides Minotauro by Ricco, have any other BTT guys been subbed in either mma or grappling? And by who?

There is the controversial Sperry-Zinoviev fight, but that could start a whole other thread.

Sperry also went in and out of consciousness from a guillotine against Kerr in ADCC'01 but didn't tap and ended up losing on points.

Ok and neither of those were submissions. So Sperry in like 250 matches between grappling and mma has never been submitted?

I dont think Mino was on top team yet when ricco subbed him.

True Biggy, but I was just looking over their roster and couldnt remember a single time any one of them was subbed besides Mino/Ricco. But I'm nowhere near as familiar with sport BJJ as I am with MMA and grappling.


Roan Carneiro tapped out to punches against Anderson Silva.

I think shaolin is officially nova union... I know he trains with btt.. He was put to sleep in adcc.

Shaolin was kneebarred by Almeida in ADCC as well.

fabio holanda hasn't won one fight

fabio holanda is a grappling and BJJ expert. He is just beggining at MMA. In his field of expertise, he won 10 fights and four divisions only in these last two months (3 divisions at NAGA WORLD in new Jersey and 1 division at NAGA CHICAGO last weekend).

In MMA, you will hear about him soon. Nobody can be the best in all kind of sports and for me, grappling, BJJ and MMA are three diferent kind of sports.

When Fabio holanda fought ficket, fabio had 2 fights and ficket 20. Just to remember about it.

"Shaolin was kneebarred by Almeida in ADCC as well."

So he tapped?

Yes Shaolin tapped and limped off the mat.

man, shaolin tapped to almeida AND garcia? What a pussy!!!


Alex "Negao" Paz tapped to a guillotine from Pe De Pano in ADCC'03.

So Sperry and Bustamante have never been subbed?

shaolin didn't tap to garcia, he napped


im waitin for a TAPorNAP t-shirt...dont know if this is Rickson type hype but doesnt Liborio still tap everybody on BTT/ATT?

how many bjj black belts have been subbed in mma? renzo and traven and who else?