Who operates their own MMA gym?

I have one more semester of college left and I plan on going back home and trying to get a legit MMA gym going. Anyone give me any tips/advice?

The best tip I can give you is do it with someone elsa's money if possible. Also add a traditional martial arts class as that will bring in a lot of steady money from the kiddies.

In the Chattanooga area, actually a small town called South Pittsburg,TN. There are alot of very good athletes around and I know alot of people that are interested in it.

we run a MMA gym in Charleston, WV


I plan on the same thing. where i live its actually gonna be easier than i thought. only thing is i wont be making any money..and thats fine with me

I run my own MMA place.  Financially it's not getting me close to being Donald Trump but it's very good training. 

My best advice is get a group of guys that will be loyal to you and in the beginning let it be about training and not making money.  When it's more about the training you'll not only keep the guys you have but you'll likely be respected enough to keep fighers coming in.  Eventually you'll see some profit, but for me that's not what it's about.  It's about building a solid stable of guys who train their ass off.  Also, my place is really small but it gets the job done, and well.

Financially, although not alot as I said, I get my boost from my 'personal training' clients that I teach here as well.  So if you have any other type of fitness background it will benefit you to incorporate that.

Good luck to you!

The JET, Tampa Combat Club  

Tampa Combat Club--- where are you guys at in Tampa? Tampa seems to have more and more places every week.