Who owns a fly swatter?

growing up my families house always had like 4 or 5 flyswatters.

i’v e been married for 21 years and haven’t owned 1

anyone else not own a flyswatter in your adult life?

what other things like that. growing up they were just normal and now as an adult you dont have them…

i know the poop knife is another obvious one

What would I do with a fly’s water?

Die Fly Die


yeah i almost bought one of them a while ago

My wife just bought two of them two nights ago.

It’s good for hitting kids


Got an electric one. Looks like a tennis racket from Road Warriors. I get anywhere near that fly and zap……of course we just use it for perverted sex.

But god I hate when I get fly parts in my mouth when I eat her ass


I’ve got one of these. I also had one of those electric tennis racket looking zappers. That was fun too.

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I aim my salt gun directly into her poop shoot and then dive right in.

Her ass attracts the flies. You’re basically pulling the flies out with the swatter

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How dare you. She doesn’t even poop. You should bite your veins out of your wrist now.

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I have one of the electric tennis racquet ones, it’s awesome. Scares the shut out of the cats. No I’ve never used it on them, nor would I. But they hate the sound it makes, especially when I zap a bug. Zapped myself a few times, that voltage is no joke.

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I do. My relatives live near a butch lesbian family compound with like 30 dogs. The vermin spills over for miles around, ticks, fleas, flies, feminism, really disgusting ppl

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Yeah I’ve got one of those electric tennis racket Jon’s as well. HUGE fucking mosquitos here in the Philippines. Before I go to bed I’ll run it across the bed and curtains and itll sound like a bowl of rice crispies with a fresh pour of milk.
P.s. my building is full of homos and trannys, no way i want to get bit by one after it’s been drinking from the HIV spigot.

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lol, it is a very satisfying sound. DIE, YOU BLOODSUCKING ASSHOLES!!!


But youre ok with gekos on the walls and roosters crowing nonstop?

im not a filthy animal so i dont have flies in my house.

The electric ones are fun to hack and use as HV power supplies for various things.

That Bug Ass Salt gun is fun as hell. But I have had to get onto my boys for leaving the door open to let in victims.

He really blasted that bundle of sticks!