Who owns Sprawl shorts and....

can tell me if they are ok when kicking? I mean are they flexible enough to handle high kicking in them?

I used to have the regular ones, and I could I high kick fine in them (and I'm a fat fuck)

I've seen the ones with the split..i bet they're fine but i just wasn't thrilled with the way the split looked though....

I want a board short like that but since i spend most of my time in standup, i have yet to find a nice one that doesn't restrict movement. Thanks for the input guys. I guess i will go with the Sprawl then..

Hitman huh? cool..gracias

I own a couple of pairs and use em' for no gi, vale tudo and thai boxing. No complaints and they seem to last.

Sprawl and Tapout would be your best bet for board shorts you can kick in.

Sprawl all the way for me, I have the regulars and can kick fine in them, absolutely no complaints with them. Excellent customer service as well, can't wait to get my hands on one of their new rash guards too. You also get the beneift of not being assocaited with a company who promote dog fighting.......

Got em.....no complaints.

I throw some high kicks, and in the regular shorts, which I owned at first, I felt a little bit of crotch restriction goin on. Then again, I'm hung like a bull.

The split-side Mir shorts are sick, I own them and they are slick. Lightweight, fabric is strong, and the kicks I throw feel uninhibited. Chicks would probably dig all the leg I show if I wasn't so fuckin pale, too.

You can kick high in the regular sprawls no problem. They are definately the way to go, and they last forever and take a beating.

lol @ Ghost

thanks guys...Sprawl it is....

HEY ..does the waist run regular size? I mean did you order the same size waist as your everyday pants?

I have 2 pair. Do not kick in them. The split works best from everything pro fighters tell me.


Both when kicking, and GNPĆ­ng i have no probs with them AT ALL!!! They are the best!

wow...overwhelming response for Sprawl...gonna place the order now

SPRAWL shorts rock.

I have the rgular style and I can kick no problem.

They sponsor my RING OF FIRE event and a few of my fighters. The fighters love them.


-Sven Bean

Sven..sounds good

Waists run ture to size so measure yourself witha tape and get the nearest size. Only problem I have with them is that the waist isn't really that adjustable so you might need two pairs if like me you sometimes cut a lot of weight and want a snug waist fit and also want them for day to day training when you're fat..................

Bunny..thanks..my weight is usually the same...i walk around at 205-210 and compete 195-200 so that isnt a problem...i appreciate the info...

I have a few of the regualr ones and I love them.

That is all!