Who pays more: Shooto or Pancrase?

I was wondering if anyone knew the pay scale for Shooto fighters and Pancrase fighters? I heard something about them having contracts with fighters and pay them monthly as well as "bonuses" for fights. If anyone knows anything lets hear it.

Thanks guys,

Santino DeFranco


I've heard that in general, Shooto doesn't pay very well. I know someone who got 4,000 to fight one of the top guys there, not too bad, but if you're a newcomer, you aren't getting that for sure. I think it's a safe assumption that Pancrase pays better.


Ive heard the same thing about shooto.

Does anyone know anything about Pancrase pay scale? I know alot of americans have fought for them.


Pancrase paid their foreign fighters very well 5 years ago. I donĀ“t know about the current situation.

A lot of the 'Pancrase' fighters (not the foreigners who are brought in).

Or at least the core names are on a salary (at least this is what I have been told) so they are paid a monthly/yearly rate.

With fight bonuses.


Although Pulver got a damn good payday to sign a deal with Shooto.

There is a thread on the Shooto forum that gets into the Shooto pay-ranges