Who played tobal 2

Got a playstation 1 emulator for my computer. So much better than playing on modded psx. I can make the graphics better, and save anywhere and it's hooked up to my surround sound and lcdtv. Anyway it's suppose to have the best fighting mechanics everf. I have to say it's really good. MMA/judo guys would really appreciate it. The grappling system works like this. You collar grab and you move the dpad, (for some reason I can't get my analog controllers to work)and you move the character around and press a button to execute a throw. It's really fucking cool. The fighting is smooth. I was countering throws with the cpu like five times until it eventually got me. Like it would throw me but I get balance land on my feet take the npc side try a throw, back and forth so on and so on. I just can't figure how to do submission. Anyone tell me how to put a submission on my characters. Thanks

tobal 2 is one of the best fighting games every mary is bad ass with her double leg

Anyone know if I can do submissions, I can make my characters grab torwards the ground but not much else.

tobal 2 was bad ass, same artistwho did dragonball and chrono trigger

try gamefaqs for move lists or google it