WHO plays 162 game SEASONS??

in baseball, who on here goes ahead and plays thru an entire 162 game season???i have MLB Power pros and its a very fun game but i dont think i would start up a 162 game season and run it thru...if i did, it would take me a year or longer..just curious as to who on here is that dedicated to where they could finish something like that and how long it would take...?


I did last year on mlb 2k7 and it took 5 months averaging 3-4 games a night. Needless to say my players had MONSTER stats and I think I only lost 6-7 games.

^^i have tried to do this in the past but when its just myself, i end up playing about 15 thru the season and then get bored and ask 'why the hell am i doing this?'...i like it when you can create smaller leagues and can put in how many games are played etc etc..this is in MLB Power pros, good feature..

TAPOUTARTIST-when you sim basically thru an entire season, doesnt that pretty much ruin the point of the game??i mean, the game is meant to be played, not just sped thru....

Had a roommate that did that, or tried to. He admitted he never made it all the way through, he would start simming games. But he did play a shitload of games though.

I'm over half through a season and just stopped playing it because I got some other games. I will finish it for sure but I've already got 4 guys with over 50 home runs and 1 has over 70. I'm much more into NCAA08 football and midget porn these days.