Who plays Call of Duty 4 for ps3?

i wanna play some ug guys

Nobody, everyone plays it on 360.

yea im on there now, thanks man..and yes i realized alot of people play on 360, theres still over a million on ps3

My hand eye coordination sucks. I can't play console games. I play PC

damn u bentley

Big-Boy-Living (PS3) add it!

I play my username is alic5

I play, in work right now though. Do you have Fight Night 3?

I play it. Have the online cable but just haven't hooked it up. PS3 > 360. I'll get online soon and start ripping you punks though!

i play fight night also

360 baby...


blu ray porn

what's your gamer tag. i'll hit you up during the week for a game of fight night

Battle Field Bad Company looks like bad ass game..they say you can destroy 95% of the map.

GTA is coming out soon too


k man, i'll catch you during the week for a game. my tag is seanuabriain

i cant wait for gta, im gonna look into that game adi alic, i like fucking shit up

It come out the 12th of march or something like that...looks fun.

What rank are you fuckers in COD4??

5* General right here