Who Plays/Who Coaches?

Good to see this forum. How many of you guys play soccer/football with some regularity, organized league or pickup games? How many of you coach?

I coach two boys U10 teams. One rec level team on one Academy team. Academy is a developmental level for the better players.

I play every weekend.

I play in a monday night 6-a-side Co-ed league!!

The quality is usually pretty low, but there are the occasional ringers. There was a guy last week who was probably the best player I've ever played against. If you'd have told me he was a Pro, I would have believed you.

I'd love to play 11 a-side again here soon...trouble is I hate playing in the heat, and it will get hot here soon.

Saturday morning co-ed beer league. Hangovers are optional. Just started playing with any kind of organization last year. Got into for the first time in Thailand when we used to play on our day off (Sunday). There were some skilled players there from all over the world.

Play 3 times a week 5 and 6-a-side.

Packed in playing 11-a-side on grass as I've dislocated my kneecap 3 times in the last 4 years through playing on it. In fact each of the last three times I've tried to play a full game on grass, I've dislocated it. Back to playing astroturf and rubber-crumb artificial surface now though.

I miss the full games but I wasn't good enough to make it at a very high level so I won't cry too much.

Used to play 6-a-side but don't really anymore because of work. Love playing 11-a-sides but there's no real club scene here.

I played 11 a side until about 2 years ago when I went to Australia. Still play 5 a-side and 7 a-side now and again.

I have my Junior Team Coaching badge but I don't currently coach anyone.

Would love to play more.

Yah Vol!

I've played as a goalie back in the days but only in small leagues, then i choose basketball because the uniforms were better looking.

Now i play some times 6 a side with co-workers, but i still suck at football.