Check in here so that you can be made fun of after this evening.


I was considering it, a smallish amount, due to the payout, so that even if Fedor loses by some freak chance that I could still have something to smile about

If I was set up at one of those sites I'd throw $5 down on Rogers.

I had $3 bucks left in my betting account. I put it on Rogers when the fight was first announced. I don't plan on winning, but what else can I do with 3 bucks.

 I put 50 on Rogers @ +415, 50 on Mayhem @ +220 ,and 50 on Bigfoot @ +135

 I have 110 Bucks on Rogers. If I win i get 357. I got shitty odds on Bodog at +325. They are now at +400.


 0-3 here   :(

 Sucks audiophile...Mayhem & Bigfoot were still good bets, IMO. Competitive fights.

 i poured a 40 on the curb for him

 Wow.  Doesn't anyone know how to make a smart bet?  There is a reason why the odds are so stretched.  Keep chasing the big paydays and you go broke.

I parlayed $170 on Shields, Mousasi, and Fedor for a return of $136.  Easy money.