who remembers the SEX PISTOLS!?

and the first time you heard them!?

Grade 9, SLC punk sucked. Phone Post 3.0

I just don't mind the bullocks. That leads to anarchy in the UK. Phone Post 3.0

Never heard of them.

That was my time!

Still never heard them Phone Post 3.0

Got me started listening to punk in the eighth grade. I'd just recently discovered that there was actually GOOD music that wasn't being played on local radio. I'd spent the past year wearing out my Beastie boys and GnR cassette tapes then found a copy of the Sid & Nancy book somewhere. Read it in a weekend and went and bought Never mind the bollocks the next. Phone Post 3.0

Discovered them in 6th or 7th grade. Got to see the "reunion" tour in the 90's. Sid and Nancy still holds up as a good flick, btw. Greatest swindle by far. Phone Post 3.0

They were actually a very professional live act in the 90's reunion tour. Their early live performances had left a little to be desired, especially when Sid was on bass. Bollocks was an amazing studio album though, especially considering the abilities and experience of each band member at the time.


One of my all time favorite bands.

shootfightermike what do U think of this band? Ranked as one of the better punk bands. I still have the CD.


lol i prob still have the cassette version of dookie fella!

they're pretty vacant

3 things here:

1. Punk, the music was only a small part of it (in the UK)..how the sex pistols albums sounded is irrelevant.

2. Green Day...meh....that's what happens to punk when no one in the band kills themselves.

3. Nirvana weren't a punk band, different sound, different aesthetic, different phillosophiy.

One of those bands where the mythos bears little resemblance to reality. Look at the bands who influenced them, like the Stooges, for the real raw power Phone Post 3.0

Grade 6. Skateboarding buddies older brother loved punk rock. Showed us all kinds of awesome bands. I think the Misfits were the first punk band I ever heard, then Sex Pistols, then Agent Orange. I got the Misfits box set about two weeks later but never really cared much about the Sex Pistols. Phone Post 3.0

The Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks (1977)

Full album

Their (totally manufactured) image and attitude was influential but the actual music was pure shit, made The Ramones sound like musical geniuses.

http://youtu.be/tRotvCVKAe8 Phone Post 3.0

English Mutant Soccer Turmoil - Their (totally manufactured) image and attitude was influential but the actual music was pure shit, made The Ramones sound like musical geniuses.
Their music was far from shit. It may have been basic but millions of fans across the globe would tell you that their music was definitely not shit. Obviously a matter of opinion but I'd say that Green Day has put out far shittier music.

Green Day is a pop band more than a punk band, if you ask me. Phone Post 3.0