Who’s gonna win the Silva/Sonnen Fight


Roy Nelson: (UFC heavyweight contender, baseball-metaphor enthusiast): My thoughts on Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen is a fight that everybody wants to see. Chael was so close to pitching a perfect game their last fight. So this fight is going to be very interesting to see if Chael will be able to do the same performance. But, I am going to watch to see if Chael will be able to finish the perfect game. And as for Anderson I always like the long ball and he always comes to knock the ball out of the park.

Nam Phan (UFC featherweight, TUF veteran): I gotta go with Chael Sonnen all day.

Brian Ebersole (4-0 UFC welterweight contender; chest hair enthusiast): Someone gets hurt in round 3. Unsure if they’ll be able to finish, but if they do, it’ll be in desperation mode.

Roland Delorme (UFC bantamweight, NOT a fan of Bisping): I expect Silva to win this fight in the second round. I don’t like the way Chael looked against Bisping; (he) almost lost that fight.

Mike Straka (Host of Spike’s MMA Uncensored Live): Silva will take this one early. We haven’t ever seen Sonnen manhandled. We will July 7.

Andreas Spang (Bellator middleweight contender): Silva all day. It’s not even gonna be close this time. Silva is motivated and mad for this one. Silva by KO rd2.

Jason Brilz (former UFC light heavyweight contender): I gotta go with Silva. I think he picks apart Sonnen and then finishes him in the second, but I’ve been wrong before.

Shannon Ihrke (ring card girl, model, VigilanteMMA columnist): Silva. These two were matched up back in 2010 and went to round 5 so this should be a good fight. However, I think Silva will beat Sonnen once again by submission. Like Dana White has said before, “He’s the greatest mixed martial artist ever,” and I don’t think UFC 148 will be the night his losing streak ends. The guy trains like a mad-man, and EVERYONE knows it. When he first beat Sonnen he broke the record for most consecutive wins (12), and after July 7th he’ll be at 15!

Dakota Cochrane (RFA lightweight, UFC hopeful): I don’t think I’ve ever seen Anderson Silva mad. I’m sure he’s even more of a mad man than when he’s not mad. I gotta go with Anderson. He’s motivated and I’m sure he’s been training hard.

Todd Duffee (Super Fight League heavyweight knockout artist): Sonnen simply because I don’t want him to stop clowning the MMA media and fans…he is a breath of fresh air from the same ol’ “tell the people fake answers so they like you.”

John Dodson (UFC flyweight contender): I got Sonnen winning with 5 takedowns.

Rich Chou (Pro Elite): It’s a tough match-up for him, but I gotta go with Silva.

Matt “Danger” Schnell (Legacy FC, MTV Caged veteran): I’m going with Chael Sonnen by five round beatdown again.

Ryan McGillivray (MFC welterweight contender, TUF vet): I call Silva RD2 TKO.

Jacob Volkmann (UFC lightweight, political enthusiast): I give the fight to Sonnen if it goes all 5 rounds. Or Silva KO in the first. I don’t like that Sonnen is on TRT, because he didn’t need it when he was wrestling in college. I just want to know what happened to him to permit the use.

Ricky Vasquez(owner Phenom Management): Don’t think the fight will go 5 rounds. Silva has been working on his wrestling; not just his BJJ off his back but getting up & takedown defense. I feel Silva took Sonnen lightly in the 1st fight and what Sonnen almost did to him woke him up. Silva controls the fight with his length and mixing up his strike confusing the one dimensional Sonnen. Silva TKO 3rd round.

Joe Henle (TUF veteran): I pray Silva by BRUTALITY.

Joe Henle (TUF veteran): I pray Silva by BRUTALITY.


Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen 2 Poll:

Anderson Silva via KO/TKO (37%)

Chael Sonnen via decision (21%)

Chael Sonnen via KO/TKO (18%)

Chael Sonnen via submission (11%)

Anderson Silva via submission (10%)

Anderson Silva via decision (3%)

Anybody who thinks Silva would win a decision knows nothing about MMA.

 If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have said Anderson wins by sub in the 2nd or 3rd.  Now, I honestly think Chael is going to win.  Everytime Anderson talks about the first fight, he acts like it was no big deal that he got his ass kicked for the majority of the fight before the submission, and I honestly think that is the worst way for him to go into this fight.  Anderson needs to realize Chael is the most dangerous fighter for him to fight style wise, and he needs to respect his skill set.  Chael for all his pro-wrestling style talk, does understand that Silva is an extremely dangerous fighter, and understands the mistakes that cost him the fight the first time.

Nobody knows who will win.