Who’s watching One Championship?

I’ll be watching it, not too knowledgeable when it comes to most the fighters. Who should I be watching out for?

What is the start time? 10 p.m. EDT? If so, probably look for a replay tomorrow.

Oh wait. Start is 8:30PM EDT. I don’t have TNT, though. I’ll have to look for a stream.

Eddie vs Iuri
Dj vs Moraes


Oumar Kane has been getting some hype

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I will! Should be amazing

Just set record

This card seems to be promoted a lot more than previous One Championship cards.

That’s not a complaint, just an observation.

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1/2 hour to go!


Well that was competitive! :joy:

anyone got an update on Rodtang fight? I am at work but keen to watch later

I’m going to watch main card. I’ve also recording it because I know my old ass will fall asleep before main event. Happy they are on TNT.

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Just walking out

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My bad, seems there walked on stage to build up the fight. Soz!

WTF? On my TV it has Hellboy II on TNT???

It’s their first event on TNT, makes sense to promote it a lot more.

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Yeah, I thought I heard the announcer just say the main card would be coming up on TNT in 30 minutes?? In 30 minutes, AEW is going to be on per my channel guide lol.

Anyway, you can catch the live stream on Bleacher Report right now for free.

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