Who shall I fight at 205?

Seeing as i beat the 'So called best' in Cage Rage for the heavyweight title in only 2 minutes 44 seconds... who do you guys think will be a good match up for me at 205lb?

Shout it out loud and UFC will make it happen.

(nothing like a bit of self publicity)

Chuck Liddell


Oh shit, Machine and Igor. Or Machine and Joe Riggs @ 205.

Fight Alistair.



David Heath (seeing we are self promoting)


Babalu is looking promising.

who else?
come on guy's, you know I am still gonna keep my power at 205 and the lightheavies are gonna get rocked.

I don't care who you fight, as long as you are fighting.  You are the man Ian!  Good luck with whomever comes your way.


randy will bring the $$$$$$

Thants what I like to see... you guys know whoever I fight, it's gonna be a fight.

The Machine dont lay down for no one.

Keep shouting!

I'll second David Heath.

Hey Dave how you feeling man?

You got any idea who all will be fighting in the tourney next week?

My CFS is under control, although the doc's have said I am only 75% cured.

Chuck Liddell. I think it would be a great fight and I think you would beat him.

Tiger will get his ass handed to him when i am 100% fit.

tourney is off.. again!! They are trying to find me a single fight though.
And i wouldnt have aknowledged me either Ian.. but soon everyone will have to.. Easy to say from here but we would have a great stand up battle.. Good luck getting a good fight and a fat payday!!

C'mon mate... Your fight with Tiger last time was dead even. Why would number 2 be any different?


Tank Abbott