Who should be top 5 paid MMA

Put aside all the contracts etc....

Who should be the top 5 paid MMAers as of right now?

1. Fedor
2. Randy
3. Quinton
4. BJ Penn
5. Chuck

hm- Renzo, Lindland, Royce

I would not say BJ but would say matt hughes instead.

agree with bignightmare

  1. Matt Hughes

  2. Jens Pulver

  3. Tim Sylvia

  4. Jeremy Horn

  5. Spencer Fisher

Honorable mention: Josh Neer, Jason Black, Ben Uker, Tony Fryklund, Sam Hoger, Robbie Lawler, Ryan McGivern, Ben Rothwell, Joe Pearson, Rory Markham, Jason Medina, Andrew McFedries

Depends on what criteria you are using. Top 5 according to fighting ability/accomplishments? Or top 5 according to seats that would be filled if they were on the card?

Ethan is a MFS stalker.

If you mean "stalker" as in providing stalks of bolstering and positive energy, then you're wrong.

the biggest stars in the UFC are








Since when is "GSP" bigger than Tim Sylvia? Tim's a heavyweight, and over six feet tall.

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"^you're joke=stupid"

Dude, I told you my ass wouldn't be tight enough for your small (yet admittedly handsome) cock. DO NOT take it out on me. Or do, if you know what I'm getting at.

Cincidering proformance and overall cabability to get a crowd excited.

Randy C - The man just likes winning against all odds.

Chuck L - Dispite his Recent KO put a grappler in there with him and hes KO'ing his ass.

Rampage - Great personality and his style of fighting is always exciting to watch.

Fedor - The man is a machine, thats all I can say.

Wandy - Even though hes lost a few, hes striking style is brutal and we all love to see him KO someone.

not in order...
Fedor, couture, liddell, gomi, rampage

bench players
shogun, penn, ortiz, henderson,

Randy, Chuck, Rampage, Tito, Hughes. No one else is anywhere near the draw those guys are (well, Rampage only made the list because of his drawing potential, and I couldn't think of anyone else).

gonzaga is missing from all lists, however seems to be a bad ass.


well like boxing they should be paid as draws






i really cant name a 5th

lesnar? angle? matt hughes?

Fedor, Randy, Chuck, G.S.P.,Crocop. Honorable mention Kimbo