Who should I fight next?!

Who'd be a realistic opponent for my next fight with a name? Currently 4-0 in UFC and looking to keep the ball rolling. Doctor said my injuries will heal up fairly quickly, so I won't have a long layoff. What's the good cards in the first three months of 2016? Had a broken hand through this last camp/fight, so looking forward to an injury free camp.

-Johnny Case / @HollywoodCase

Mairbek Taisumov is on a roll like you, that would be a great battle to get into the top 15.

Derailing the hype train of Sage would be fun, but honestly he doesn't deserve to fight you yet. On Fight Matrix he's around 80th in the UFC, and you're much higher than that.

Kevin Lee would also be fun if he wins his next fight.

Kevin Lee/ Santos Winner

jeicex- Totally agree about Northcutt, but disagree about the guy you named to fight next. I don't even know who that is and I'm wanting a name next.

Loser of Diaz-Michael Johnson would be a fun step up that I think you could win.

newjack900- Who's Santos and when is that fight? 

It's a fair point, in terms of name recognition. I only mention him because he's 4-1 in the UFC now.

What about somebody from the Miller/Chiesa fight?

i submit cats- Yeah, I'd love to fight both of them and think I'd make a highlight out of either one. The downside is I have a ton of shit to work on, so I'm in no rush to get at the top of rankings. I'm working my ass off to be the best before I start chasing the title and I'm honestly not there yet lol. 

jeicex- both would be tough as fuck, but they have names and would be fun! 

Jim Miller ranked 15 a big Name, could be a war. Phone Post 3.0

The biggest named fighter you could probably get right now would be Gomi. He's a legend but on a 2 fight skid.

I think Tong Po is a good matchup stylistically Phone Post 3.0

Great to see you posting here Hollywood! Was really impressed with your performance against Cabral.

From the same card, I think Alex Oliveira would be a great fight for you and would put the winner right on the cusp of the top 15.

You could go for the winner of Castillo/Lentz next month. Or Tibau. Those are decent names on the way to the ranked guys. Evan Dunham would be an exciting fight too. 

Loser of Miller/Chiesa Phone Post 3.0

Dustin Poirier Phone Post 3.0

Sage. No question. You two are the biggest not so big names in the division. Phone Post 3.0

As a keyboard warrior/rabbid (foaming at the mouth) fan I would think the next step for you is to make heads turn. After having spent some time drinking with Sean Shelby And Joe Silva (namedrop) and having some understanding about how the promotion machine works over at Zuffa, at this point I would aim for 2 things:

1) Get a 5th W in a row in the UFC, no matter against who (this should be the focus)


2) Fight a recognizable name who isnt too dangerous for you, but that would put your next fight on a main card for exposure, exposure being the key word. 

Even if you only fight another non name in a fight burried on an undercard and get a W, it will guarantee you a name for the 6th UFC fight and a spot on a card that wil give you exposure. 5 wins in a row gets you into that special club where the matchmakers start to market you and spoon feed your career. Exposure combined with performance are the two variables that determine your contract negociating power (something else to think about cause the banks dont accept checks signed Jesus Christ).

This will raise your value. The more people want to see you fight, the more you can call your own shots and be strategic about getting to top 15, top 10, top 5 and contender status.


In realestate they say location, location, location. In MMA it's exposure, exposure, exposure (and train to perform when you get that shot at exposure of course). 


You wana fight or make money or both? 


Anyways, back to my mom's basement.


Looking forward to meeting you at the beaver creek wrestling club! Phone Post 3.0

WuDaddy - Looking forward to meeting you at the beaver creek wrestling club! Phone Post 3.0

That sounds like a cover name for a brothel.