Who should I pick this weekend?

I normally play 10 bucks for fun. Biggest win I ever scored was about $150…looking at my track record, I’m still +100 haha…low risk taker because I’m afraid of becoming an addict!

I feel like throwing 5 bucks on Craig Paul and Nate Diaz parlay…but picking both by submission.

I feel like Craig is never getting respect from the bookies…and for some reason, not sold on Leon Edwards, and this could be a bad stylistic match up for him?

Another three I had in mind were Chase Hooper / Brad Riddell and Terrence Mckinney.

Thoughts on some decent parlay picks?

Diaz will prob lose Peterson is super tough and will be a bad matchup for hooper I feel.

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Did a parlay

Felipe tko
Craig moneyline
Ziam dec
Hooper sub

Also did a parlay…picked Diaz, Muhammed, Figueiredo, and Dober.

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That’s a nice parlay,

Still got 8 bucks to play hahaha

Yeah mine are all just the moneyline.

I’d be ok losing just to see Maia win but I don’t see it happening.